With our consultancy and inventive vision we create, design, organise, decorate your original venue ( fairs, markets, pop up shops, expo’s and custom events ).

From concept development, project production, event management, decoration, till catering services (private – public) and entertainment ( dj, singers, dancers, performers).

We can produce all kinds of wonders from custom design till affiliated services in the broadest interpretation of the word. We can help you develop a original killer concept for your company, brand or event. Design a full look.  In our package you get full branding marketing solution from the artwork assets to decor, performances and catering services.




 ‘Safe Market’ started in 2008 in ( London/ Shoreditch ) as part of the ‘Safe Place’ organisation presenting art exhibition events.

Safe market is a platform where artists, designers, entrepreneurs and organizations get an opportunity to collaborate and offer their products or services to an international audience with the focus on, nature, ecology, organic, handmade or recycling / upcycling.

What we offer is a service aimed at an international level. We provide promotion, online PR, marketing & sales as well as a pop up store formula, and frequent open air markets, branding and interior Design for stores as well as for private clients.



The Safe Place started in 2008 and is a organization creating projects from collaborating artist and designer with performers, writers and musicians where installation art becomes a multi-media performance exhibition and visual sound art are fused with the essential idea, inspired by common themes.

The essence of the happening is continued through all the different media and different collaborators working with the images and stories imagined and inspired by a specific subject in presented exhibition.

The name Safe Place is inspired through travel through the world and imaginary mindscapes. The connection between all the different techniques is the story that every collaborator makes their own and becomes as well part of one. Giving each other pieces of their work and fusing them in their work or interacting in the Safe Space concept.

We work with artist, performers, designers, film-makers and musicians from all over the world to create a multi-medial and disciplinary fusion, interacting with the public and celebrate the individual responses from collaborators to the theme and the results of numerous potential interactions and dialogues between collaborators and fusions.


Who we are?    We are friends who share our passion for food. We love to enjoy and have  a great time. What means a great time for us? Cooking, tasting and experiencing with all senses. Being inspired by food from all over the world and making a twist with our own vision. Our international knowledge of food, beliefs in quality products, healthy and sustainable that brings us to our unique formula. Our polish roots and  our grandmothers guidance gives us a new wave vision to exploring the traditional taste.  

What we believe in ? ….honest products, refined taste that can bring people together, make u happy and make you appreciate life. Food is our life !  

What we do?   We love to cook, we love to taste and we love to share it with you. Enjoying the moment in a unique way is what brings the passion back in  life. Music, creativity and an all round service that makes your night complete.

How we do it?   It’s an innovating way how you can enjoy the time being together with your friends, partners, work relationships or your children. We provide catering services mainly but to make your experience exclusive we do more.

What more we do ?   Custom made event concepts including music, performances, decor, live happenings, photography, videos, graphic design, pr, marketing and concept for the whole events. We always give as much as we can, because we love to do it and it’s our passion to see people enjoy themself.


some of our happening




Consumers are increasing and expecting products which gives them a special and distinctive feeling. Customization actions offers this and brings more customers into the shops in this so called “buy online time”. New or old products can be brought alive by customizing them with various techniques. This gives the customers a unique personal item, great experience and lot’s of fun ! We organise this actions  for brands, shops, festivals and other events. We design the total look from the stand, adverts and make it all happen with experience team of artists.