I studied art, jewellery and product design in Poland and fine art in Maastricht – Holland with emphasis on installations, performance and design.

After graduating (2003) My work is centered on contemporary art installations, combined with fashion, drawing, graphic design, video and performance happenings with an ear for sound and an eye for unified conceptual design.

In 2006 I’ve written a audio visuele biographical book call “Music Book” and in 2008  “Safe Place “ was born; an organization curating international art exhibitions, collaboration projects and happenings.


Soundtrack  ‘4D’ part of audio-visual installation 


‘4 Dimension ‘ is a Mind, soul and body travel experience through the chakra points (inner being) into the ‘fourth dimension’.
This work represents my theory that through visualization and influencing all senses, we can actually move to a higher level of conciousness. The opposite truncated cones (hourglass) shape creat a central perspective (X) and the midldle of it represents the 0 point ‘the Now’. This point can work as a portal to other consisness level and makes possible to travelling on the energy orbits ( sacral geometry floower) to other dimensions. Acompanion by the beta & alfa soud- vibrations the energy movements is infuence on a subconscius level direction from earth though the body to the next dimensions of consicsnes. 

 ” 4 dimension ”  installation at  Safe Place exhibition 07.06. 2014  London, Master Shipwrights House


‘ Imaginary mindscapes’  installatie at exhibition ‘Safe Place’ 2013 Entre Deux Maastricht ( NL)


Art installation ‘ Imaginary mindscapes’  


This work is about a multidimensional travel through various portals of conscious and reconstruction from reality by androgynous self. 


From the gif collection ´fourth dimension´ part of  video installation at de SC  festival 2016

Safe Place Manifesto


Chapter  19,  written by Zusi Rongen, narrator Anne Caron- Delion (2008) part of ‘ Music book’  project by zusi & john gange


Music-book’  is a collaboration between audio-visual artists who combine spontaneous poetry with soundscapes. Soundtrack to a real life, experimental, experiential not yet made movie. A biographical dialog interpreting somebody’s life in many places with the time differences.
A true life experience of growth and discovery…


Solo exhibition at Peergallery  Maastricht Nederland  31.03.2012