Dj Zusi Nu

Dj Zusi Nu  

Zusi Nu ( Zusi Rongen) – artist – musician born in Poland, started djing in 2003 in the Netherlands – where she studied fine arts. Zusi Nu has worked in Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, UK and Sri Lanka in the music (event) industry as organizer, concept designer, art director, performer, dj, and singer.

Zusi’s started working alongside dj’s like Break 3000, Leslie Lawrence, dj Betoko, Ivan Eskura, Double Trouble, Rhythmatic and other London based djays & productions. During the period when Zusi lived in London she managed her own female dj booking agency called“ Rocking Shoes International” and worked  in various clubs mainly around Brick Lane, Shoreditch, Hoxton area (East London ) in bars and clubs such as Club 1001, Exit , PublickLife, Club Aquarium, Bar 54, Roof Garden, Platinum,  Red Gallery, Egg club, Fabric, The End/ Den. In Italy with names such as: Federico Grazzini, Amplifunk, Moodoki, Max P, Tommy All, Marcolino, Stefano Tucci, Dj Ralf and many more dj’s & venues (public / private).  Zusi was also the first female dj playing in Sri Lanka where she still feels a strong connection with.

Zusi Nu’s musical choice is eclectic, conscious and combines singing with classic instruments, and sensual melodic tunes with deep beats. Zusi Nu loves to play with vinyls and mix them in with a feeling of opposite energy’s to establish a hybrid synergy of tunes. Her passion for soundtracks and meaningful speeches gives a powerful experience and tells a story with message.

As an artist she found a way to express her feelings in audiobooks which she fuses into her sets. “Music Book” presents a scenario for a movie not yet produced, experimental tunes with biographical lyrics, in form of a dialogue about life travels & experiences that influenced her personality.

Recently Zusi Nu started a new concept of events called “ Disco Salon Open” – a Eclectic music experience  influenced by: Trash disco, punk, new wave, electro, (deep ) house, mixes from 70, 80, 90 – survivors, soundtracks and other strange tunes making your body and mind move.

She feels Inspired by the Freak nights at studio 54,  Extravaganza, Italian DocShow, Zoo Project and persons like Alisson Goth, Mr.C, Derrick May, Seth Troxler, Nicolas Jaar, 100% Isis, M.Cecile, Dimitri and of course her grandmother which was a opera singer.

Dj Zusi Nu

Music book - release 2009

…30 second of work in progress The Music-book is collaboration between audio-visual artists who combine spontaneous poetry with beats, samples and sound landscapes soundtrack to a real life, experimental, experiential film. A biographical interpretation of somebodys life. A true life experience of growth and discovery… Project by Zusi Rongen & John Gange production 2008 sound mix by Leslie Lawrence 2009