My first tattoo experience was in my parents house when I was 12 years of age.

With great determination I entered into this ancient ritual: single needle, hand tapped.                                   Afterwards I felt, transformed, protected and grown.

Over the years I cultivated my knowledge in many different disciplines, searching to find a way to create  a cohesive ensemble. During my travels this particular craft had caught my attention once again  due to the  deep connection  I felt with symbols, animals, objects and events. I translated them into my story-book on a body.

This is my story, one of many…



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There are many reasons why you would want to protect yourself. As we go through our day, we encounter people with personal problems, previous confrontations or irritations that occurred long before we crossed their path. The interchange with these types of people can drain your energies. If you are sensitive, the effect of their mood can affect you even further. Setting-up a shield for protection against others who may wish to do harm to you(consciously or not) against the unseen negative forces that may wish to interfere with you.

One of the best methods in clearing and protecting yourself is to use visualization.

Albert Einstein said in a theory paper “Thought is energy, to create it, just use your imagination.” There are different ways to protect yourself, one of those methods is by visualizing a field around your physical body which generates an protective armor and “pushes” those unwanted energies away from your body and your energy patterns. It’s a ‘step by step’ process where we work out how to attract Divine energy into your being and balance your mental state.

If you are interested in developing and placing your personal protection tattoo be aware that this process will need 2 weeks of cleansing your body before placing the protection tattoo and 2 weeks of fasting after the ritual is completed.

You will be guided to work inside yourself during the creative visualization, following a step-by-step process pushing the negative energies out of your body and calling upon the Divine forces to lift your “spirit” and aid in your protection.




work location Tuesday and Thursday 12.00-18.00

@  Body Pleasures, 

Brusselsestraat 22A, 6211 PE Maastricht