Salon Open is a hybrid platform which fuses art, lifestyle, design,

tattooing and event productions to an aesthetic symbiosis.

Salon Open is a concept developed  by artist Zusi Rongen, which combines her knowledge

of various practices and media blend in to an all around ‘creative service’ experience.


I studied art, jewellery and product design in Poland and fine art in Maastricht – Holland with emphasis on 3D installations, media, performance and design.

After graduating (2003) My work has centered on contemporary art installations, combined with fashion, drawing, graphic design, video and performance happenings with an ear for sound and an eye for unified conceptual design.

In 2006 I’ve written a audio visuele biographical book call “Music Book” and in 2008  “Safe Place “ was born; an organization curating international art exhibitions, collaboration projects and happenings.

Tattoo Suzie

My first tattoo experience was in my parents house when I was 12 years of age. With great determination I have entered into this ancient ritual: single needle, hand tapped. Afterwards I felt, transformed, protected and grown.

Over the years I cultivated my knowledge in many different disciplines, searching to find a way to create a cohesive ensemble. During my travels this particular craft had caught my attention once again  due to the  deep connection I felt with symbols, animals, objects and events. I translated them into my story-book on a body.

This is my story, one of many…



A collection of clothing, prints and lifestyle products, Salon Open is a fusion of all of these. All products are inspired by a common theme which reflects both, the immediacy of popular and graphic culture and the organism of nature. All products are hand-crafted and retain the individuality of a localised design-sensibility and production process. They are made in limited editions, using organic fabrics, natural printing, original pattern-cutting and upcycled materials.


We can produce all kinds of wonders from custom design till affiliated services in the broadest interpretation of the word. We can help you develop a original killer concept for your company, brand or event. Design a full look.  

In our package you get full branding marketing solution from the artwork assets to decor, performances and catering services.





Maaspromenade 9A02

6211HS Maastricht

info @ salonopen.nl
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